The Key to Top Performance

It's not the will to win that counts, it's the will to PREPARE to win! Nutrition falls into that 'preparation' stage hands down! To learn the easy tips to give you that 'edge' to succeed on the field, and in life, check out my e-book 'Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes' here. 

 The athletic edge you need to succeed!

The athletic edge you need to succeed!

I have been working with the Somers, CT high school boys lacrosse team for over 6 years since they were in middle school. At the middle and high school levels throughout most of the country the major emphasis is on physical training in the gym, sports specific drills and scrimmage games during off-season practice, off-season showcase tournaments, and performance on the field in the games themselves during the in-season. The photo above was taken just after they won the 2017 Class S CT State Championship game. This win made them CT State champs two years in a row! They made the semi-finals in 2018 and just missed a 3 year run as CT State champs. 

Somers HS LAX girls (2).jpg

Girls rule! 

In 2018 I also began working with the Somers, CT high school girls lacrosse team. It is an honor and privilege to be working with this group of high-energy, motivated young women! The nutrition info. in my book applies to boys AND girls. 

christian 2.jpg

christian paley - lax athlete to watch!

The missing link to maximize performance at all times is nutrition. Kids will be kids and I am not suggesting they stick to a very disciplined dietary program and deny themselves the culinary delights of being young! That being said, teaching them about the benefits of choosing food wisely before, during, and after their workouts, practices, tournaments, and games can be a 'game-changer' even for very skilled athletes. Somers Super Star lacrosse attack and team captain, Christian Paley, put the pieces together quickly and the results show in every respect! He is now positioned for a leadership role on the University of Hartford Division I lacrosse team as he enters his sophomore year in the fall of 2018.