Feeding Your Soul

How often do we talk about feeding ourselves physically?  Multiple times a day, I'd venture to guess.  Today, I want to shift your thinking to a different type of hunger.  Aside from our physical bodies needing nourishment, our souls need constant sustenance as well.  We can eat all the kale we can find, but if our hearts feel empty and famished, it can breed health concerns worse than poor eating habits. 

What fills your heart? 

How often do you do those things?

We are spiritual beings that crave and deeply need connection, purpose, and love.  Where do you find those things?

What fills my heart is spending quality time with people I love and respect - my son and daughter-in-law, my fiance, my friends. I also get great joy out of tending to my yard - caring for my plants, keeping fresh flowers in the house even in the middle of winter, preparing healthy and delicious food for my family & friends, and playing board games or card games with them. Reading a good book is also a special treat for me and a simple pleasure that makes my heart happy.

I do these things as often as I possibly can - always looking for ways to maximize whatever situation I find myself in - whether I’m traveling on business, which I do often or when I’m home.

Sooo…..what makes your heart happy? And … how often do you listen to it and do those things?