Bloom where you're planted


Last Sunday was a glorious sun-drenched day and I simply had to spend some time outside enjoying the warmth and energy of the sun!

I decided to do some weeding in the perennial gardens I have in my backyard.  It had been well over six weeks since I’d last freed the perennials from the tangle of the grass and weeds.  It was time!

Beginning at one end of the garden I selectively pulled the weeds and placed them in my ‘weed pile’ next to me. Inch by inch I moved along in the rich soil and with every inch I discovered I was going deeper into the garden of my thoughts.  The quiet of the afternoon and the methodical movement of pulling weeds provided me with the perfect environment for an outdoor meditation. 

At first the weeds seemed overwhelming – choking the plants that I’d tenderly planted and nurtured over the years.  Like weeds, our thoughts can be so prolific and loud in our minds that they prevent us from thinking and seeing clearly.  As the weeds came out and the perennials emerged again I realized I was subconsciously doing the same thing with my thoughts!  Pulling and tossing the ones that didn’t serve me well and making room for the ones that help me thrive.

As I was coming to a particularly dense thicket of thorns and weeds in the garden, I had to get my garden clippers to cut away some prickly branches growing through the fence into my garden and pull away some pretty stubborn weeds with deep roots.  To my complete surprise, when I cleared them all away I discovered three lovely perennial plants struggling to survive under the overgrowth of the weeds and thorns!

Oh my! How delighted I was to find them and free them so they can soak up the energy of the sun, drink in the rain, and have greater access to the natural fertilizer I mix into the soil.  They have all the tools they need now to thrive and bloom right where they’re planted!

Our senses are bombarded every day with drama and input from many sources – work, family, friends, news, social media, road rage drivers, you name it!  The gardens of our minds can easily become choked by this constant overstimulation. 

Weeding the garden, listening to a short meditation program, an early morning walk, or a yoga class are wonderful ways to weed the garden of your mind so you can give energy, light and love to those thoughts you want to nurture and grow and beautifully bloom where you’re planted!


Erika DeJesus