We Don't Sell Much of That Here...


One of my favorite morning rituals with my boyfriend is our weekend coffee runs before we hit the gym.  

I used to drink coffee every day, but lost the desire for the energy boost when I found the great line of all natural supplements I take and now share with my family, friends and clients. So I don't really need the caffeine but I do love a good Dunkin Donuts black coffee every now and then! Aaaanyway....I try to find one of the healthier food items on the menu there to go along with my coffee.

Dunkin Donuts introduced oatmeal on their menu not too long ago. Aha! A healthy option!  I decide to order the oatmeal. I had a low carb protein shake at home and now could use some healthy carbs especially before a leg workout!  

At the register ordering - my boyfriend gets something easy - a bagel with a little cream cheese and a coffee.  Me? I order the oatmeal and now the confusion begins. The clerks usually can’t find the ‘oatmeal’ button on the register since they so rarely use it. So the manager needs to come over and show them where it is. Once I waited a long time for it because they didn't recognize it on the order slip. I had to go back up to the counter and ask them for it. Another time they didn't put enough water in it and I pretty much ate dry oatmeal (which I have done before when prepping for bodybuilding competitions, but didn't much care to do that again!).  And the last time I ordered it they told me they were out of it!  I said 'wow!' that's great! It must mean that a lot of people are ordering something healthier on the menu!  To which I got the response - "not exactly, we didn't get another shipment in because we don't sell much of that here!" All that being said, even though it is instant oatmeal, it’s still pretty good when it’s made correctly and it sure beats the other options on the menu.

So much for my Pollyanna outlook on the oatmeal! Ha! This is one of the things I'm working on changing with my clients!  When healthy options are available - try them!  You just might like it. Better yet, you'll like how you feel so much better after coffee and oatmeal than coffee and a big old bagel! 

Just be patient with the clerks behind the counter. They’re learning too like the rest of us!

Erika DeJesus