Sleep for Fat Loss!

This guy's got the right idea! Little fat on his strong body!

This guy's got the right idea! Little fat on his strong body!

Sleep loss affects weight loss ~ when you're sleep deprived your body makes more Ghrelin-the hormone that says GO and eat more, and your body makes less Leptin-the hormone that says STOP, and tells your body it's full. Your body also makes more cortisol when you’re tired, which can increase your appetite and then turns the food you do eat more rapidly into fat (particularly that stubborn tummy fat!). And did you know that sometimes you can actually burn more calories while sleeping than just lying in bed?

During REM sleep your brain is more active than any other stage. In fact in some cases it is MORE active than when you are awake. This activity requires fuel for thought called glucose - the basic building block of most foods. Your body goes through various stages of sleep throughout the night with the REM periods getting longer throughout the night. You actually get more REM sleep in the very early morning hours but you need to go through the first few sleep cycles to get to this longer stage of REM sleep.


When you only get 6 hours of sleep or less you lose the benefit of the longer REM periods. So shoot for between 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Sleeping more than 9 hours every night can be just as bad as sleep deprivation and may be an indicator of something more serious like anemia or hypothryoidism.

Bottom line….choose organic food and supplements as often as you can, drink plenty of water, exercise at least 4-5 times a week, and get a good night’s sleep!

Erika DeJesus