All Roads Lead to Dad — Coincidence?


Do you believe in coincidences? I think what we perceive as coincidence is really a little love note or nudge from the universe, God, or your higher power telling you to pay attention and take notice of the message.

When you're rushing about and trying to focus on a million things at once you won't be on the right channel to receive these notes. Your mind is closed. It's times like this that we sometimes get hit over the head with the message because we weren't listening to the gentler guidance we have been receiving all along. The more at peace you are with yourself the more open you are to receiving the gentle messages.  

My business travels lately have taken me to two locations in particular, Detroit and Cincinnati.  My father lived in Detroit for many years when he was younger. He also lived in a small town in Kentucky just outside Cincinnati, which I drove by on the way to my business meetings. As a matter of fact, I lived with him in that small town in Kentucky during my freshman year in college and worked at a summer day camp for inner city kids in Cincinnati.  

Hmmmm...rather odd 'coincidence' - in the course of two weeks I've been to two places where my Dad used to live.

The next message I got was in the airport on the way home. I decided to get on an earlier flight, which changed the location of the gate I was leaving from.  The gate right next to mine was a flight going to Denver.  My dad now lives just north of Denver!

Dad (aka Byron Renz) and me in Fort Collins, CO

Dad (aka Byron Renz) and me in Fort Collins, CO

The fourth and final message was waiting for me when I got home. A big brown envelope from my dad that contained a journal he created with stories and pictures from our childhood.

Ok universe! Four times is enough - I got the message!  I called my Dad as soon as I got home! 

What messages might you be missing by careening through your day? Be alert and pay attention to the little ones so they don't have to grow into the 'hit you over the head' variety! 

Erika DeJesus